External Advisors
Teams using ExpertConnect can now invite advisors from other organizations to be on their team(s) in ExpertConnect. Advisors associated with another organization are considered external advisors. It’s important to keep in mind that to invite an external advisor they must have a primary organization.
Add Segments to Individually Imported Contacts
When individually creating new contacts in an account, users can now add the contact to a segment(s) at the time they create the contact.
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Insert Screenshots into ExpertConnect
Use the copy and paste function on the web dashboard to insert snippets into an ExpertConnect chat.
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Contacting the ExpertConnect Customer Success Team
Easily contact the ExpertConnect Customer Success team via ticket on web or mobile.
In web select your user dropdown, then Contact Support. Add a description of your question or issue for the title and provide details or media as needed. In mobile navigate to your user profile in the top left corner and select the green toolbar to Contact Support. Similarly to web, options are available to upload a summary of your question or issue in the title along with a description.
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CCMS Case Priority
CCMS cases submitted via ExpertConnect can now be submitted depending on case priority. New dropdown allows users to select any of the four options to submitted, including the following:
  • Urgent, Tech in Field
  • Urgent, Tech in Shop
  • Normal
  • Report Only
CCMS Escalation
Contact Tab Updates
New layout applied to the Contacts tab for an easier view of imported contacts. Importing individual and bulk uploads of contacts can be done from the top right tabs, where new individual uploads now require a phone number
email for each contact.
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Ticket Status Filtering
Select one or multiple ticket status's depending on your preferred view. By default, Unassigned, Assigned, and Closed tickets will show, and Archived tickets can now be viewed depending on the set filters alongside other tickets.
Ticket Status FIlter
Move Private Note Box
Click to drag the Private Note pop out to best see all parts of the ticket.
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Column Customization
Drag to adjust the size of columns in the web dashboard tabs, including Tickets, Contacts, Calls, etc. Clicking in and out of these tabs will still save your column width preferences.
Web Column Width
Invite Contacts to your Team
For teams that are
but want to make their team accessible to
external contacts, managers can use the new
Invite to Team
feature on the Team Settings tab to invite contacts. Learn more here.
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